My background in architectural history helps when I photograph architecture. It forces me to look for the most important features of the building and for the continuity (or the lack of it) between the exterior and interior.
You can only get the full experience of architecture by moving. Video gives you a chance to see the context, study details, and add three-dimensionality.
Graduating from one of the best European art schools, the Stroganov Art Academy in Moscow, established in the 19th century, helped me master different creative activities — drawing, painting, sculpture, product and graphic design.
Paper sculpture
And more...
Vladimir Paperny
Graduated from the Stroganov Art Academy and the Institute for History of Architecture
Moved to the US
Associate Art Director at Orange Coast Magazine
Director of Advertising at Integrated Ceilings
Director of Marketing at Lavi Industries
Art Director at the Workbook
Adjunct Professor at UCLA
Founded VPA (Vladimir Paperny & Associates)

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